What is Blockchain technology?


The first video we created for alt36, that gave a start to a successful and pleasant relationship ( we produced 4 animated videos so far). Since the client is using Dash’s blockchain to operate, the first task was to introduce the BLOCKCHAIN to the audience who are farmers, distributors, laboratories, dispensary owners – in other words, people who did have any knowledge about what it is and how it works…

Since alt36’s branding is minimalistic and the video had to be without the voice-over we had to point out the key feature about the blockchain technology and a few about the company itself, present their mission and values. This picture above caught our attention – it was really clear and embodied the true meaning and purpose of blockchain technology.  Giving power back to the people – it was the main idea of the video, no techy stuff or going into deep.

And so we began the project in search of something simple, minimalistic but at the same time clear and informative.

We had a long way ahead of us in search of the suitable motion design, but like always we managed to pull that off and astonish the client that lead us in working together for the past 3 years now.